Aptitude & GDPI

Aptitude Overview

In today’s time, aptitude tests have become an essential part of all psychological assessments in current job scenario. They are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to perform well in a given situation or in a specific domain area. A candidate’s ability to comprehend instructions, to apply previously acquired knowledge and skills, to make good inferences and to manage emotions while doing any of these can be defined s Aptitude. It helps the employers to analyze how a candidate would perform if inducted in a specific role and whether he/she is suitable for that role or not. This aptitude test module is especially designed to focus upon your analytical and conceptual reasoning with reference to your verbal, numerical and spatial abilities. It analyzes your specific or general capabilities and gives you affair understanding of the approach one should adopt while taking up aptitude tests.

Program Content

Quantitative Ability
  • Number system
  • Squares, Square roots, Cubes, Cube roots
  • Averages & Mixtures
  • Percentages
  • Profit and loss
  • Simple Interest, Compound Interest
  • Ratio Proportion Variation & Partnership
  • Time Speed & Distance
  • Time and work
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Probability
Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical Puzzles
  • Directional Test
  • Blood relations
  • Number based analogy
  • Letter based analogy
  • Logical ability & Venn diagrams
  • Syllogism
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Data Interpretation
  • Clocks & Calendars
  • Set theory


After completing this exhaustive intervention, the students will be able

  1. To develop a scientific methodical approach to take up aptitude tests.
  2. To channelize and utilize the correct skills needed to solve most critical aptitude tests.
  3. To develop qualitative and time bound approach while solving the test.
  4. The analytical and conceptual reasoning skills will be sharpened.
  5. Concept wise teaching of all the topic (non-formulae based training)
  6. Vedic math’s will be taught to the students because of which speed of calculation will increase.

GDPI Overview

In today’s global scenario, rules for the jobs have totally changed. Group Discussions are indispensable part of any interview process, be it for job or for admission to B-schools. Personal Interview, which is mostly the last to come in the whole interview process, is again the crucial part of the selection process. Due to the huge gap in the availability of skilled manpower and its requirement in the industry, most of the time selection process virtually turns to be an elimination process.

It is a commonly observed fact that the students often have problems to face Group Discussions and Interviews, despite of good aptitude. This is because, apart from sound domain knowledge, there is something extra that a candidate needs in order to get through these breathtaking interview processes. You need right mix of attitude and appropriate techniques to crack GDs and PIs.

This program is meant to imbibe and inculcate the right mix of aptitude and attitude and to equip the future aspirants with the skills and techniques that will empower them to face GDs and PIs confidently.

Program Content

  1. Why Group Discussions?
  2. Myths regarding Group Discussions
  3. Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussion
  4. Etiquettes of Group Discussions
  5. Types of Group Discussions
  6. FAQs regarding Group Discussion
  7. Understanding the process of Personal Interview
  8. Pre interview planning
  9. Reading interview’s mind
  10. Why they ask these questions ?– An insight
  11. Some frequently asked interview questions (How to deal with “Tell me something ….”)
  12. Personal Mock GD PI Sessions


  • Understand the process of GD and PI.
  • Overcome the lack in confidence due to ignorance of the process.
  • Face the GDs and PIs with elevated confidence level.
  • Present themselves in more employable way.
  • Skill fully tackles even the most trivial questions in interview.

Enhanced feeling of “Being Employable”

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