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The HR Beans Pvt. Ltd is amongst the leading training companies in Pune, India conducts corporate training programs, primarily on personal development soft skills, team building and leadership development by experienced corporate trainers.

Knowledge workers generally would have inculcated technical skills and domain expertise in their chosen fields. However, to be a successful individual, in addition, good behavioral skills performance has become increasingly important in a person’s skill-set repertoire. Mostly people pick up such soft skills and interpersonal skills or people skills on the job. At times, this leaves much to be desired and also affects the person’s sustained top-notch deliverance on the job.

Well, every organization spends heavily on training its employees on soft skills every year.The common problem almost every organization facing today is that 75% of their employees lack in soft skills which as a result is affecting their productivity.

Statistics reveal that the requirement of Soft Skills training would grow every year as more emphasis is given on training in every sector like IT, ITES, BSFI, and Manufacturing etc.

By attending our sessions participants play an active role than passive role. This would build up their confidence to apply newly learned skills in real life situations.

We sincerely hope that you will consider HR Beans as a long time partner in training your employees on soft skills and enter a mutual and beneficial relationship.

We look forward to acquire permission for discussing the course content and benefits in detail.

Program Content

Telephone Communication Skills

This work book is designed to help participants assimilate the various concepts covered in the module on telecom skill. It covers topics like the differences between telephone and email conversations, call flow, Picture, listening skills, paraphrasing, note taking, voice mail etiquette, and conference call etiquette.

  • Telephone V/S Email
  • Telephone and conversation
  • Dead air
  • Telephone conversation tools
  • Sample statements
  • Tool-P.I.C.T.U.R.E
  • Voice etiquette
  • Conformance call etiquette
  • Mobile phone etiquette
  • Voice mail etiquette
  • Video call conference etiquette
  • Minutes of the meeting
  • Barriers to listening
  • Office phone etiquette quiz
  • Key points to remember
  • Keys

Assertive Communication Skills

What is Assertive communication?

Assertive commotion is the ability to express positive and negative ideas and felling in an open , honest and direct way . it recognize our right whilst still respecting the others. It allow us to take responsibility for ourselves and our action without judging or blaming other people and it allow us to constructively confront and find a mutually satisfying solution where conflict exists.


  • Introduction
  • What is assertive?
  • Types of behavior
  • Why use assertive communion
  • Cold soup activity
  • Three ways of internalizing assertive behavior
  • Power of auto suggestion
  • Power of visualization
  • Bill of right
  • Three tool for assertive behavior
  • Tool 1 the BEF tool
  • Tool 2 the art of saying ‘NO’
  • Tool 3 six techniques
  • Ready Reckoner– Assertive skill
  • Key points to remember
  • Key

Client Interfacing Skills

Introduction To Client Interfacing Skill

This is workbook is designed to help us our client interactions.

This is a skill that can be fine –tuned by understanding of your client better, exploring the role of culture in business interaction with clients. We also learn technique of handling escalation amicably.

Client interactions can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be so in fact you should look at it this way: every client experience is new chance to future strengthen your relations with client.

There are many way to build   client relationship. A good starting point is to work on little things. For example, be punctual. Another good idea is to dress to either the client’s standards, whichever one is more formal. This will make the client feel more confident that you can get the job done for them, and get it done right.

Furthermore, having informal meeting outside of your formal meeting with the client can really help your status as their trusted advertiser. Even if it ends up being just 5 minutes of small talk, it goes a long way for your standing in the client’s eyes.

One word of caution: be careful that you don’t become too casual with client remember they are still THE CLIENT.


  • Introduction to client interfacing skill
  • Client profiling checklist
  • Role of culture in interactions
  • LEWIS model
  • Services intelligence
  • Indianisms
  • Communication with client
  • What do clients want?
  • The art of small talk
  • Handing escalations
  • Essential skill for managing expectations
  • Key points to remember
  • Key

Documentation Skills

Documentation is important in all industries, particularly in the service industry.

A case in the UK has highlight the importance of Documentation in the software industry. In this case , a disagreement had occurred over a document that was initially accepted the client. This case ended up in the courts. If due diligence was administered earlier on in the engagement between the software vendor and client, this disagreement could have been prevented. Let us look at how we can make the most of our documents at the workplace.


  • Introduction
  • Comprehension
  • Reading
  • Conceptualization
  • Recollection
  • Diligence in documenting
  • Dealing with fear/ hesitation
  • Enhancing the flow of writing
  • Structure in Documenting
  • Proof reading and formatting
  • Types of documents and their uses
  • Best practices in Documentation
  • Key point s to remember
  • Key mindtree templates

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